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How to share my Artbook?
Your ARTNOLENS™ profile looks like : artnolens.me/yourusername <br/>• On your Artbook, the share icon $Share allows you to send your Artbook via email, SMS, Messenger, …
I forgot my password. What can I do?
1. Launch the ARTNOLENS™ App.<br/>2. On the onboarding screen, select « LOG IN » then « I forgot my password ».<br/>3. Enter your email address. You will receive an email to reset your password.
How to delete my account?
1. Go to the « ACCOUNT » section (bottom navigation).<br/>2. Select « Manage my account ».<br/>3. Select « I want to delete my account » and simply follow the process.
Buy and sell
How to sell an Artwork?
You can easily sell your artworks on ARTNOLENS™ :<br/>— You define the price of your Artwork.<br/>— Buyer can buy your Artwork straight from the App.<br/>— Seller and buyer are guided by the App: selling process is quick and easy.<br/>— We manage the credit card secured payment, thanks to Stripe.<br/>— When sell is done (Artwork correctly delivered), we transfer the money onto your bank account.<br/>— We take a 9% commission fee on each sale.
Is there a commission fee?
We take a 9% commission fee on each sale.<br/>• We manage the credit card secured payment, thanks to Stripe.
Are transactions secured?
Absolutely. We use Stripe – an efficient and recognized online payment system – to process to the credit card payments.
How to edit my bank informations?
1. Go to the « ACCOUNT » section (bottom navigation).<br/>2. Select « My transactions » then switch to « Wallet ».<br/>3. Edit your informations in the « Bank informations » section.<br/>4. Save.
How to edit my payment methods?
On ARTNOLENS™, payments are made with credit card. Below is the method to add or delete a credit card:<br/>1. Go to the « ACCOUNT » section (bottom navigation).<br/>2. Select « My transactions » then switch to « Wallet ».<br/>3. To add a card: tap « Add » and simply follow the process.<br/>4. To delete a card, simply tap on « Delete » right beside the concerned card.
I did not received the Artwork I bought. What can I do?
• <b>Sellers</b>: we recommend to ship your Artworks by registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt. If any issue occurred and if you don’t sent your parcel this way, we won’t be able to refund you.<br/>• <b>Buyers</b>: if you didn’t receive your Artwork and if no acknowledgement of receipt can prove the delivery, you will be fully refund by ARTNOLENS™.
I received a damaged Artwork. What can I do?
• <b>Buyers</b>: you have to give us the proof that the Artwork is damaged. You also have to return the Artwork to his author (by registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt). The return is paid by the Buyer. Once the Artwork’s back, ARTNOLENS™ will proceed to the full refund
Artbook 101
The Artbook is similar to your Profile on ARTNOLENS™. It’s public, every member can see it. Artbook is divided in 3 sections:<br/>• <b>Artbook:</b> showcase of all your artworks and Collections (grouped Artworks). <br/>• <b>For sale</b>: showcase of all your artworks available for sale.<br/>• <b>News:</b> posts concerning your news. In the « Statistics », we can find many datas as your Ranking, your Bio, etc.
Can I publish many pics of the same Artwork?
1. Yes. Go to the « ARTBOOK » section (bottom navigation).<br/>2. Select « Add an artwork » then « Choose a photo ».<br/>3. Once the main photo is uploaded, tap the $Add icon.<br/>4. Simply follow the process.<br/><b>Note</b> : you can publish up to 5 pics per Artwork.
How to organize my Artworks?
Organizing your Artworks increase your imprint on ARTNOLENS™.<br/>1. When adding an artwork, define a « Category » for your Artwork (ex: painting).<br/>2. When adding an artwork, put it into a « Collection ». This way, you can put Portraits, Landscape, … together.
Why am I not able to publish my Artwork?
• You are uploading incompatible file format. We accept: .jpg, .png and .heic.<br/>• You forget to fill some required fields. A message should be displayed in this case.
How to add the link to my personal website?
1. Go to the « ARTBOOK » section (bottom navigation).<br/>2. Tap the $Settings icon.<br/>3. Enter your links in the dedicated input.<br/>4. Save.
What is a Timerlike?
• A Timerlike allows to to boost an Artwork (or a News) during 1, 5, 10 or 30 days!<br/>• When you give a Timerlike to an Artwork, you put it « on display » in the EXPLORE feed.<br/>• Timerlikes are available in limited quantity.<br/>• After 1, 5, 10 or 30 days, your Timerlike is back!<br/>• On each Artwork / News, you can see who gives a Timerlike. You just have to tap the $Heart icon
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